Candidate Presentation

We all know how frustrating and time-consuming it can be to chase information that should be present from the outset.  Equally as frustrating is interviewing someone who doesn’t seem to know much about the position, the team, the organisation and who appears to be woefully under-prepared for the interview. 

Having previously established how important it is to hire the right person, it is essential that you have access to all appropriate information to enable you to do this.  Also as you are paying for a professional service this is the least that you should expect. 

Candidate assessment: We adopt an extremely thorough process with our candidates, which, entails an initial telephone interview, a face-to-face assessment, verification of their identification and right to work as well as requesting references and copies of relevant, professional qualifications. 

Relevant information: As part of this process we clarify/complete any gaps or missing information from their CVs, confirm current remuneration, notice periods or availability, salary expectations – even holiday plans, which may impact the recruitment process or ability to fulfil the role.  We also discuss their reasons for leaving previous and current employers, their career aspirations and the types of companies/environments that they are looking for as well as geographical preferences.

We also put together a brief summary of our impressions of the individual concerned, which, will typically be the type of information you can only gain from meeting someone as opposed to something listed on their CV.

From the outset we establish what candidate information is important to you and present this accordingly.

It is our role to save your time and enable you to effectively decide which candidates you would like to meet, which is why we eliminate the need for you to come back to request further information.

We also discuss the strengths and suitability of each individual either in person or over the phone, when requested.

Candidate confirmation: When confirming the candidate’s interest in your vacancy we speak to them to confirm that the role, organisation, location and remuneration on offer are of interest to avoid any complications at a later date.  This seems such a fundamental part of the process, however, we have heard on countless occasions where this is not the case!

Vacancy briefing: The initial vacancy briefing with our clients serves multiple purposes:

  • It enables us to successfully search for and subsequently introduce suitable candidates
  • It enables us to entice, interest and attract suitable candidates who will typically be highly-sought after by other employers
  • Finally it enables us to effectively brief and prepare the candidates prior to the employer interviews.   

Candidate preparation: As part of the documentation sent out to the candidates prior to interviews, we ensure that they have access to all information communicated to us and advise them how best to prepare.

Once digested and researched, we follow this up with a verbal briefing over the phone or face-to –face to run through some final pointers and any questions that they may have.

The effect of this is that you are meeting someone who is properly briefed, prepared and up-to-speed, which enables you both to gain more from the interview.

Minimising the risks: We firmly believe that by taking the time to carry out an in-depth and thorough process we minimise the time spent for all concerned as we ensure that only suitable candidates are put forward and we avoid the need to re-check information, cancel interviews or anything else that can go wrong during the process. 

It is all straightforward stuff, however, we regularly hear from employers who have engaged suppliers without this attention to detail or level of thoroughness.  This has proven to be very costly, both financially and time-wise, as well as frustrating.

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