Candidate Sourcing

Of paramount importance is that we’re able to access the individuals with the necessary backgrounds and skills-sets, in addition to having the drive, ambition and communication-skills, to add value to the team.

Well-established networks: One of the primary reasons for establishing a sector-focused recruitment consultancy in 2007 was to build on our long-standing networks within our chosen markets and to broaden our exposure within those niche sectors.

As such we have a very well-established network of potential candidates, currently working within your industry, who are, either actively or passively, looking for their next career challenge. 

Sector specialism: We also benefit from a significant amount of ongoing applications from candidates either already working within our core markets or specifically looking to move into those industries – many of whom are not registered with other recruiters.

As most industries are, the industries that we cover can be quite “incestuous” where “everyone knows everyone”. 

Referrals: As a result of the service delivered within our chosen markets we receive a significant volume of candidate referrals. 

The benefit to you is that you have further access to highly-sought individuals within your industry, who have been personally recommended to us by high-performers.

Market-mapping: We continuously map out our targeted industries, which enables us to identify and attract individuals as required for each mandate.

Traditional methods: In addition, we use a variety of advertising, job boards and social media channels to further broaden our reach.

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