CV Writing

When looking for a new role most people will benefit from professional advice with regards the content and layout of their CV.  

We fundamentally see this as a core area for us to assist you – whether it results in you finding a role through Platinum Resources or helps you to find something by other means. 

As career recruiters we are passionate about recruitment and will do everything we can to help you advance your career within industries of great interest to us.

Advice regarding CV writing and presentation: As recruitment professionals we work with employers on a daily basis, which, provides us with an invaluable insight in to what employers are looking for from prospective CVs and how you can transition from being one of many CVs that they may review to one of a select number of individuals invited for interview. 

When combined with our ongoing, professional development in this area we aim to provide you with an invaluable resource to enhance your prospects of landing your ideal role.

Relevant information: As discussed earlier we work very closely with our clients to fully understand what they are looking for and tailor our service to ensure that all relevant information is presented from the outset either within the CV or as part of our supporting notes.  This could be a specific skill, level of detail required within your experience, highlighting relevant achievements, current remuneration, salary expectations, notice periods and availability - even forthcoming holidays, which could impact the selection process or availability to work.

Reducing the time required: By adopting a thorough approach from the outset, we minimise the time involved, for all concerned, fielding and following up information requests.  This enables our clients to make quicker, better-informed decisions, which, speeds up the process for you and gives us more time to work on other opportunities on your behalf.

A straightforward process: When done well recruitment can be a very straightforward process.  We are very mindful of the time pressures affecting all involved and aim to deliver a smooth, hassle-free service.

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