Employer Presentation

The higher the quality of the information we can provide you about a potential opportunity and prospective employer the more likely it is that you will be offered the role.   Also, as experts in our field, we provide professional coaching and guidance to further improve your chances.

Understanding your accomplishments and career motivations: To enable us to be able to present suitable opportunities to you we need to understand: your experience and accomplishments to date; your motivations, what you are for looking for from your next role, employer, team, manager, environment; and what your career aspirations are.

We adopt a thorough process from the outset, initially via a telephone interview and then at a face-to-face meeting, to develop this understanding and to ensure that the fit is right for you and for our clients.

Well-established network: Having recruited for our core sectors over the last 20 years, our Consultants have developed a very strong network of highly sought-after clients within these niche industries.  We adopt the same approach for those seeking a career challenge as we do with prospective employers where openness, honesty and relationship-building is essential. 

Presentation of employer information: As important as it is to our clients that we have met all candidates put forward for their vacancies, it is equally as important for us to have met them.  This enables us to better understand the role, the challenges, the career prospects and to gain a better overall impression of the organisation, the team, the environment and the hiring manager.

In-depth briefing: This is important as it enables us to brief you thoroughly about the opportunity so that you are fully informed.  It also means that you will be better prepared prior to prospective interviews, which will enable you to make a stronger impression.

With this in mind we also ensure that you receive thorough interview details and notes including full contact details, Job Descriptions, interview tips and what the employer is looking for

Once you have had time to research the company and prepare for the interview we carry out a pre-interview briefing either over the phone or face-to-face to run through final pointers or questions that you may have.  We cover this more in the below sections: CV Writing & Interview Prep

Offer process: Without clear communication of salary expectations and potential packages from the outset there can be issues at the offer stage.

We also provide professional representation throughout the offer process and negotiation of remuneration package and contract to ensure a smooth, successful process for all concerned.

Aftercare: We schedule regular follow ups (email, phone, face-to-face) to ensure that the role/assignment is progressing as expected.

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