Interview Preparation

As experts in our field we are perfectly placed to advise how best to approach and prepare for employer interviews.

As with your CV, this is a core area where we aim to help you to successfully land your ideal role – whether it is through a direct introduction or otherwise. 

Interview tips and advice regarding interview presentation: Unless we’re very unlucky most of us won’t attend that many interviews throughout the course of our careers.  This is especially so within a permanent career where it can be years in between external employer interviews.

Self-promotion: When combined with the fact that most of us feel slightly uncomfortable promoting ourselves and “blowing our own trumpet”, the interview can seem slightly daunting.

As experts in our field we see it as our duty to give you the tools to maximise your success whether it is for roles that we are putting you forward for or otherwise.

The tips and advice offered could range from generic advice from our initial meeting (presentation, delivery, body language etc.) to more specific advice and preparation for each opportunity.

Thorough briefing process: We would generally discuss the above at the initial registration interview, send out detailed information packs for each vacancy and would also organise a pre-interview briefing over the phone or face-to-face for each opportunity.

We want to give you the best possible chance to land your dream job.  Also by spending time to brief you thoroughly in advance you will be able to cover more ground during the interview, which, benefits both parties.

Literature: A couple of books, that we like, regarding interview techniques and preparation are:

  • The Interview Book: Your Definitive Guide to the Perfect Interview by James Innes
  • Why You?: 101 Interview Questions You’ll Never Fear Again by James Reed

Career advice and market intelligence: As experienced, professional recruitment consultants we are available to advise on and help you make the right career decisions. 

Having successfully recruited within our targeted industries for many years, we are perfectly placed to provide guidance on career steps, options, trends, salary levels and much more.

As above we see this as a fundamental part of our service irrespective of whether we successfully find your next role for you or not.

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